Palmerston Carnival Wrap up

What a weekend! Where to begin…

Sitting in the shade of the old gum trees I am in awe of the weekend. We saw new and old verses the young and the mature. Host club, Palmerston started the weekend strong with their B/C winning the first game of the weekend and then found themselves winning the final. McGill came out all guns blazing while Were was still in shock and out of position up the front. Mrs Burns did her part out the back carrying lots of ball down field to her one, who is still in a daze. Lil; making her come back tour had a feast of ball centre field, but struggled to find the spur. Melville, having changed shirts again, found the centre of the goal posts with each ball; and superstar Mrs Hamilton played a cat and mouse game out the back.

Again all the attention was with the Howard Springs juniors; Petherick, Rogers, and new beginner Georgia; who’s talents will push them into the A grade in coming weeks for sure. Must have been all that coaching at Easter time.. Brendan Lewis, the thorn between the roses, Williams and Brink; had a fantastic first weekend in the sport. With a feast of ball and a grin like the Cheshire cat, Lewis shone centre field. Williams, straight out of QLD played out the back. However Brink had a struggle just like Were, still trying to work out why she was put into the goal scoring position.

Litchfield A grade have had a big off season. Pointed as one of the top teams in the A grade, the orange shirts lined with up with the usual Maleys, Pen-dennis and Davidge, while Stewart and Riley stepped up, both earning their stripes. Stewart horsed up well while Riley had some big boots to fill behind Davidge. The Mailman, sending them home from all corners of the goal scoring area, was not to be out shone by brother Gerry. Claiming the A grade title, Litchfield certainly had to work hard. The green shirts put up a good battle in the final, but were only a few off the final score. Phillips, found himself back up front with Cook doing the hard work out the back. Opperman and Taylor held their own as the only women in green side. But the man of the match trophy went to Burgdorf, with his new shirt and new horse, the man was unstoppable.

Of course the 3 Clarkes, weren’t to be left for dead. All 3 rode out on new horses and each of them surprised themself. Cathy, fresh from her weekend in Victoria gave the men a run for their money while brothers, Dan and Grant were tough to beat up front. Vaughan and Alley wore the blue with pride, and it showed on field. Vaughan’s horse put him where he needed to be, while no one was game enough to take on Alley’s racquet.

The man we all waited to see rode out in the red and blue. Humpty Doo fielded a side with not a single vet of their own, but roped in an extra from Howard Springs. Barry Walshe made a return to the saddle and field after a long, well deserved break. Walshe wore many hats on the field, coach, umpire, 1, 2 and 3, and possibly even a commentating hat too. Walshe had new players either side filling in the positions while J. Trembath, had a good run on the Foulsto, followed by new player Trumby and Smith; there just had to be one vet in there somewhere. Humpty Doo’s weekend continued on a good run all through Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately just going down in the final.

All in all it was a good weekend to dust off the cobwebs, and discover what needs some work. I’m sure there will be a few sore horses and humans tomorrow. Sorry to those I missed. I will endeavour to get you all in the next one! That’s it from me, until I report live from Noonamah carnival 23rd-24th May at Fred’s Pass Reserve.

Nadzy, signing out.